“Chameleon” Axe

“Chameleon” Axe “Chameleon” Axe “Chameleon” Axe “Chameleon” Axe “Chameleon” Axe
  1. The axe is made from two types of Damascus steel: axe exterior is made from softer Damascus steel with ferronickel components designed by A.F. Vereskunov. The internal working surface (wedge) is made from special steel designed by A.F. Vereskunov. External axe surface has a distinctive chatoyant pattern. These axes are of unparalleled quality. Blade hardness is 60-62 HRC. Working temperature: from -50 to +80 ˚C. There are no analogues to these axes. The hardness of the blade is 60-62 HRC. Working temperature: from -50 to +80 ˚C.
  2. The handle is made from mature long-fiber Amur oak with special volume treatment to enhance the functionality. The socket is boiled in linseed oil. The oak wedges are fixed with water- resistant joint glue. Carefully chosen handle material together with a phased treatment guarantee a long-life service.
  3. The case is designed to prevent personal injury and axe damage due to hitting metal objects during transportation and storage. The case is designed to carry the axe as follows: a) In a hand b) On a waist belt c) On a shoulder (back)
  4. Axe maintenance

All Damascus steel components are exclusively designed by the author.

The axe is subjected to deep-oxidation to ensure water-resistance.

Ferronickel Damascus steel has a special coating that disperses light and reflects various rainbow colours under various angles of view thus creating a Chameleon effect.

Do not keep an axe in wet ground for long periods. Clean the axe before casing. Hone the blade with abrasive diamond tool with a few movements along the blade at each side. The axe will serve a long-life.

The guarantee period is 12 months from the sale date. The guarantee warrant shall not be extended to any products that have been subject to misuse.

Price: 45 000.00 RUB

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