Sibirskiy Bulat: manufacture and sale of bulat and Damascus steel products and instruments.

You can purchase bulat and Damascus steel knives, Siberian bulat axe, strickles, adzes, knives and original axes made by our craftsmen.

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    Steel Production Technology

About Us

Vereskunov Alexander Fedorovich

Candidate of Science, inventor, steelmaker, blacksmith.

Manufacture of bulat, Damascus and other special steel. Manufacture of axes, knives, swords etc.

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Our products:

Steel Production Technology

Types of Axes

     Functions and Intended Use 1. «Krepysh» is an axe with a shortened handle and total weight of 840 gram. Ideal for...

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Article from "Kalashnikov"

     Axe - a tool without which it is difficult , and often simply impossible to do...

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