“Plotnik (Carpenter)”

“Plotnik (Carpenter)” “Plotnik (Carpenter)” “Plotnik (Carpenter)” “Plotnik (Carpenter)” “Plotnik (Carpenter)” “Plotnik (Carpenter)” “Plotnik (Carpenter)”

“Plotnik (Carpenter)” is an all-purpose axe similar to a carpenter one. The handle is of Dutch type. Handle weight: approx. 400 g. Head weight: 800-850 g. Total weight: no more than 1250 g. Intended use:
a) chopping wood (from bushes to stems 200 mm in diameter);
b) chopping thickets and joints for wooden housing;
c) butchering small to large sized animals;
d) adzing of billets, boards and stakes;
e) chopping boughs when bucking wood;
f) stumping;
g) firewood and half-timber splitting.

Price: 13 100.00 RUB

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