Knife "Yakut"

Knife "Yakut" Knife "Yakut" Knife "Yakut" Knife "Yakut"

1. The blade of the Yakut knife is made of stainless damask steel of the Khorosan cranked type. Carbon content 2.0%, microhardness 72-74 HRC units, hardness of the matrix holding carbides, 60 HRC units. The ingot germination with carbides is complete, uniform, with the formation of carbide branches (grids) with a thickness of 50-500 microns. The thickness of the blade at the butt is 1.9 mm, the length of the blade is 135 mm, the sharpening is angular.

2. The handle of the knife is typeset – hornbeam, walnut cap stabilized with special water-resistant treatment, fluoroplast. The front guard is made of stainless oxidized steel.
3. Leather sheath - chrome 3.5-4.0 mm on half rings.
3. The care of the blade of the knife consists in periodic wiping after use, in order to subsequently ensure easy removal of the knife from the sheath, and checking the screed of the handle by clockwise rotation of the screw in the form of a ball with a hole on the rear guard.
4. The blade of the blade is edited with a diamond stick.

Not recommended:
1. Immerse the blade in aggressive media (acid, alkali).
2. Knock on the blade with metal objects or with a blade on the blade of another blade.
3. Heat the blade more than 200 degrees c.
Remember! The main function of the knife is to cut for a long time, a lot, easily. In this case, the knife will last for decades


Price: 45 000.00 RUB

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