Knives made of stainless steel

Stainless steel damask (BN) contains a large number of various carbide-forming elements (polycarbides). It has stainless properties.

The blades of the knives are made of stainless damask steel of the "Khorosan cranked" type. The carbon content is 2%, the microhardness is 72-74 HRC units, the hardness of the matrix holding carbides is 60 HRC units. The ingot germination with carbides is complete, uniform, with the formation of carbide branches (grids) with a thickness of 50-500 microns.

If desired, the handle of the knife is made of various types of wood. Also? we can make a knife from stainless steel according to your sketch.

*For the smelting of the steels from which our products are made, Alexander Fedorovich developed and manufactured a melting furnace and a crystallization furnace in which bulat is grown.


Passport to the knives made ​​of stainless Damascus steel