Functions and Intended Use

1. «Krepysh» is an axe with a shortened handle and total weight of 840 gram. Ideal for huntsmen on horseback, foot huntmen and for long hiking routes enthusiasts. It is an easy-to-carry axe on a belt. Designed to butcher medium sized animals and chop kindling for a bonfire.

2. «Yermak» is a small all-purpose axe with a Dutch handle Intended use:
a) chopping thickets and bushes;
b) chopping kindling;
c) butchering animals;
d) chopping brushwood;
e) hewing small-sized stakes, billets, half-timbers;
f) chopping roots of poles and large-sized weed;
g) installing wooden roofs.
The handle design allows to hold the axe in four positions and covers all working levels from the “knee” level to the “overhead” level. Head weight: approx. 700 g.

3. «Srednerusskiy (Central Russian)» axe – gained widespread use historically in the European part of Russia in the 9th-13th century during the constructing period of wooden towns. It is an all-purpose axe (see 2) with more efficient performance owing to a longer handle. It is handy to chop thickets, and work on unprocessed round wood. You can work with a “two-thirds hand grip”. The axe is longer as compared to “Yermak”. Head weight: approx. 700g.

4. «Plotnik (Carpenter)» is an all-purpose axe similar to a carpenter one. The handle is of Dutch type. Handle weight: approx. 400 g. Head weight: 800-850 g. Total weight: no more than 1250 g. Intended use:
a) chopping wood (from bushes to stems 200 mm in diameter);
b) chopping thickets and joints for wooden housing;
c) butchering small to large sized animals;
d) adzing of billets, boards and stakes;
e) chopping boughs when bucking wood;
f) stumping;
g) firewood and half-timber splitting.

5. «Drovosek (Woodcutter)» is a heavy axe with a Dutch handle. Head weight: under 1 kg. Handle weight: under 450 g. Main grip: double-handed. Intended use (see 4). The axe affords more powerful strike due to the axe weight and the length of the handle as compared to “Plotnik (Carpenter)”. Ideal for hewing logs, joints and bowls of any stem diameter. You can work at any body-level.

6. «Lesorub (Lumberman)» is a heavy axe with either Central Russian or Dutch handle. Head weight: under 1 kg. Handle weight: under 480 g. Main grip: double-handed. Intended use (see 5). Better felling qualities as compared to “Drovosek (Woodcutter)”. Ideal for felling upright trees due to the design and the handle length (under 610 mm).

7. «Bogatyr» a heavy axe for large wood. Head weight: under 1400 g. Handle weight: under 2000 g. Handle length: 690-700 mm.

8. «Vityaz (Knight)» a heavy axe with a Dutch handle for multi-purpose work on dimension timber and butchering large-sized animals.

9. «Tayezhniy (Taiga)» is a heavy multifunctional axe with a Central Russian handle for complete round dimension timber conversion, lumbering operations, routing and butchering large-sized animals