Axe Yermak

Axe Yermak Axe Yermak Axe Yermak Axe Yermak Axe Yermak

«Yermak» - is a small all-purpose axe with a Dutch handle.
Intended use:
a) chopping thickets and bushes;
b) chopping kindling;
c) butchering animals;
d) chopping brushwood;
e) hewing small-sized stakes, billets, half-timbers;
f) chopping roots of poles and large-sized weed;
g) installing wooden roofs.
The handle design allows to hold the axe in four positions and covers all working levels from the “knee” level to the “overhead” level.
Head weight: approx. 700 g.

Price: 9 100.00 RUB

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