Axe "Drovosek"

Axe "Drovosek" Axe "Drovosek" Axe "Drovosek" Axe "Drovosek" Axe "Drovosek" Axe "Drovosek" Axe "Drovosek"

Axe "Drovosek" - heavy ax handle on the Dutch . Weight without an ax handle up to 1 kg . Weight handle up to 450 The main grip - " two hands ." In contrast to the " Carpenter " has a more powerful impact due to the weight and length of the handle of the ax . Stick length ~ 500 mm. Convenient for protёsyvaniya logs , cutting locks and bowls are not limited to the trunk diameter. Available work at different levels of the human body.

Price: 11 650.00 RUB

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